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How we can help you to start taking control of your health

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GAPS diet protocols

The GAPS introduction diet and GAPS full diet are the world renowned protocols for sealing the gut wall and re-balancing the gut microbiome. You will receive

step-by-step guidance to help make this a low stress journey. Each of us has a unique gut flora population and the mix and balance of bacteria, pathogens, yeasts and other tiny microbes will react differently from client to client. We will always ensure that the progress through the protocols is steady and progressive and is at the pace of our clients.

Food resource advice

Your health improving journey will be made easier with our guidance of where to buy great tasting, chemical free, flavour packed, seasonal fruit & vegetables and organic, pasture raised meat and raw dairy across the South East of England. The South Downs landscape of England

is packed with a great variety of fantastic farms whose produce will feed and nourish you and your family.

Food diary analysis

By sending us your food intake dairy, you will soon be on the right path to a cleaner, healthier and nutrient dense eating regime. You will learn the truths & myths about fats, oils and cholesterol and learn about which foods we need to help us truly thrive. Many people eat plenty of food, but will still feel hungry because

the body isn't being nourished. You'll discover how to become truly in charge of your own health and by implementing new, healthy dietary habits you will soon be developing a robust and resilient immune system.

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Menu and recipe ideas

You can take away the worry about what to eat by asking us for some meal ideas. Our recipes are based around functional food and will be packed full of flavour and health improving nutrients. Advice given will be dependent on where you are on you gut repairing journey.

Lifestyle Coaching

To further compliment your health improving journey, we can also offer advice on many topics, including :-

​Mitigating and reducing your environmental toxic load, reducing exposure to EMF, improving your level of fitness and how to start meditating. 

Reiki and Energy Healing

Quantum physics tells us that our bodies are made of energy and that everything is connected. By working with all that we have available to us, we can learn to connect our mind with our higher consciousness and explore a new journey of deep, spiritual healing. Our fabulous Reiki practitioner carries out both close and distance healing treatments.

To be truly healthy we need to nurture our body, mind and spirit. This may mean taking a leap of faith and making a long term commitment to change our lifestyle to one that will guide us to a place of real vitality. We will need to discard the ultra processed convenience foods that regress our health, and seek out real, nourishing, chemical-free produce. If we choose this pathway to health, we will achieve true wellness, and also be on our way to finding a deep and inner spiritual peace as our bodies heal. This in turn will cement our overall wellbeing as we learn to be at one with the provider of all our healing resources, which is of course - Nature. 

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