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What will it cost?

The costs of all of our services are largely dependent on the needs of each individual case. We may work with some clients for just one or two sessions, whilst others will need ongoing support. Many with ongoing chronic health conditions, or a history of reoccurring sickness, will usually require longer term treatment. 


We offer a free initial 30 - 40 minute consultation to ascertain your needs. This informal session provides an opportunity to have an open discussion and then, if required, work out a pathway together to formulate a future treatment plan. 

The initial session can be arranged in a way that is appropriate and convenient to all. Online  video calls are often a popular, logistically easy and time effective way to conduct the first meeting. However, some people would prefer to arrange a face to face meeting in the first instance. Modest travel expenses may need to be covered and would be dependent on the meeting location. Meetings arranged within a 10 mile radius of Petersfield are offered FOC.

Reiki sessions are usually arranged in the comfort of your own home. Costs for reiki are dependent on your location.

Your own journey

We are all on individual paths where our health is concerned and there are many factors to take in to account when we are considering any health improving treatments. You may have reached a plateau on your journey and need some fresh ideas on how to take your health to the next level, or you may be looking to find new ways of how to reduce toxins from your home or office space. 

Or you may have been on repeat prescriptions of antibiotics which have resulted in the imbalance of your gut microbiome.


The pollution and overall toxicity within our world has increased dramatically during the past 50-60 years and our bodies need to be developing ever increasingly efficient methods of how to cope and deal with these potentially harmful chemicals. By implementing even some basic ideas, you will soon begin the healing process and start to take back the responsibility for your own long term health and wellbeing. By working closely with us you will be guided on a wide variety of health promoting protocols and techniques, which will provide you with a whole box of tools that will give you leverage against future long term health problems. This newly acquired health improving knowledge will not only help to make you healthier, but will truly empower you in so many other ways. And over time, you will eventually begin to pass on useful tips to members of your family as well as close friends and work colleagues who may be struggling with their own health issues.


By spreading the naturally based 'good health' message we can truly start to heal illnesses rather than purely treating the symptoms of disease.

You teach, you teach, you teach - Weston A Price


Contact us today to arrange an initial meeting, informal chat or video call.

07939 084888

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