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Our Story

As a seasoned athlete, I know how important it is to be consuming a nutrient dense diet, which is packed with natural fats, proteins from outdoor reared, pastured animals and a variety of organically grown seasonal fruit and vegetables. By eating with a good variety of clean, chemical free produce we help ensure that our gut wall is strong and impermeable and the microbiome (gut flora) is in balance. 

For many years, as a health and fitness coach and personal trainer I have been advising clients on how to improve their wellbeing with considered dietary choices and how to implement healthy nutritional protocols. I have also been actively involved with the Weston Price Foundation which is the world's best source of how to improve human health through informed, traditional food choices.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of the Western World have adopted diets that are high in heavily processed foods, especially highly refined carbohydrates which are deficient in vital nutrients.


Many people start their day with a breakfast of high sugar cereals that not only deplete the body of vital vitamins and minerals but also provides a blood sugar spike which puts the system under an enormous amount of physical and hormonal stress, resulting in a rapid release of insulin to remove the sugar from the blood stream before it can do any harm. A typical lunch may include a sandwich which has a similar metabolic effect as the breakfast, and once again the body has to work hard to bring the elevated blood sugar down to a healthy level. 

As these eating habits are repeated day-after-day, the body will gradually become overloaded by oxidative stress resulting in an imbalance of microbes, possible yeast overload and the gradual increase in inflammation within the digestive system, which will affect the integral structure of the gut wall. These bodies are now well on the pathway to chronic disease, and true wellness cannot be achieved until the gut health is addressed, treated and restored to balance. 


When Dr Natasha Mc Bride began the

GAPS treatment protocols

(Gut and Physiology / Psychology Syndrome) it helped many people realise that the vast majority of chronic diseases could be treated and, through patience and time, often reversed in a natural way which was largely free of toxic medications. By working with patients and clients with methods based on the GAPS protocols and treatments, we, at South Downs Nutrition, get to the root cause of illnesses unlike a large section of allopathic, mainstream medicine, which purely provides relief from the symptoms. This is akin to putting a small sticky plaster on a gaping wound. It just won't work.


Helping others realise that they can help heal themselves and escape the feeling of being a victim of disease, is very humbling indeed.

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