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South Downs Nutrition  
Treating the root causes of chronic disease in Hampshire...

'Disease begins in the gut' 

Hippocrates - the Father of Medicine


Nourish the Gut - Nourish the Body

At South Downs Nutrition we help you get to the root causes of ailments and illnesses rather than merely treating the symptoms. If the gut flora isn't in a state of homeostasis then this can trigger a whole myriad of conditions which could lead to a lifetime of health problems. Allergies, autoimmune conditions, behavioural problems, eating disorders, food cravings, digestive problems, fatigue and joint pain are just a few examples of chronic conditions that can be addressed, improved and,

in many cases, eradicated by improving your gut health.

By visiting and exploring our website, you have taken the first step towards a healthier YOU.

You are most very WELCOME

 'If you want to live in a sterile world, then you

are on the wrong planet'

Mart - founder of South Downs Nutrition


The world, and the human body, is home to trillions and trillions of microorganisms and, as a species, we are only just beginning to understand the effects that they have on our environment. Two things we are certain about - they were here before us and they'll be here long after we have gone. 


There are no good or bad bacteria as such, as all species have a role to play. There are billions of different types that inhabit our gut and they all have a variety of tasks and functions which bring many different outcomes within our bodies. When our microbial population is balanced then we can maintain good health, but it is when this balance is disrupted that we find problems can occur. 


As a species we must start to learn that Nature is all knowing and that often the best action we can take is - no action at all - we need to quietly listen to our instincts and let Nature work its magic.


These amazing little entities work tirelessly within our vast world and are instrumental in keeping everything ticking along nicely. They are the clean-up crews of our planet as well as our bodies, and while some are helping to clear up tissue damage from cuts or wounds, for example, others may be working to remove toxins that we have absorbed from our environment or ingested from our diet. If this army of microbes suddenly disappeared then the whole of Nature would become unbalanced and spiral into chaos. The planet wouldn't survive, as we recognise it, without these vast numbers of different microorganisms.


The pharmaceutical industry have convinced large parts of the human race that antibiotics (meaning against life) anti-allergy medications, anti-inflammation creams, pills and potions, anti-bacterial sprays and wipes are protecting us. But protecting us from what? From Nature itself? Maybe we need to rethink this.


The human skin, our outer protective layer, is in fact, permeable meaning that anything that is sprayed or applied on to it is quickly absorbed into our blood stream and free to circulate around our bodies. Just a look at the ingredients page on the websites of the companies that are marketing these products will leave you with a feeling of unease as the list of ingredients are often lengthy, in small print and generally give no real explanation as to their origin. The vast majority of these ingredients are man made, so as to achieve patent protection rights, and many have strong warning messages not to ingest them. 

The general rule with creams and other such remedies should be - If you can't eat them - don't put them on your skin. 

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya


GAPS (Gut And Physiology Syndrome / Gut And Psychology Syndrome) was a term suggested early in the 21st century by Dr Natasha Mc Bride, an eminent physician who has been the driving force behind the treatment of chronic conditions through healing of the gut wall and nurturing of the gut microbiome. Now the GAPS protocols span the planet and have helped tens of thousands of patients rediscover the feeling of being truly healthy again. GAPS conditions include, but are not limited to: ADHD, allergies, autism, autoimmune illnesses, depression,

digestion difficulties, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, indigestion, IBS, milk intolerances, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid problems and urinary infections etc - the list is virtually endless.

The various GAPS protocols will not only start the healing process for whoever is experiencing these chronic conditions, but will also re-empower them to take back control of their individual long term health. The methods used are all natural, tried, tested and proven to improve, and then sustain, the health of human beings. With GAPS protocols the whole body (being) is treated. This initially involves addressing, offering advise and correcting poor eating choices which have been established over many years and have become habitual in nature. The food that we choose to consume will either heal or harm us - there is no in-between or grey areas here. In my opinion, it is a true choice between good or bad and by being educated with what constitutes a good, natural and nourishing diet, we can then develop true and informed choices of what we should be eating.


At South Downs Nutrition our work is largely based around the GAPS healing protocols as these are the proven treatment methods which bring truly positive health results. The healing of the gut wall and the rebuilding of the gut microbiome are fundamental to long term good health. And to believe that there is no connection with the state of our digestive system and the health of the rest of our body, is nonsense. Common sense alone would lead us to the logical conclusion that if we rebuild our cellular structure with good quality, clean, organic, chemical free, untampered and non GM produce, it stands to reason that we must be on the right pathway to good health.

Modern Medicine

Modern medicine has had both positive and negative effects on the health of humans. There is no doubt that in the event of trauma, accident of any other type of acute situation, then the trip to the emergency room of any country's medical service would probably be the place to go. However, outside of this, we have become too reliant on treatments which, largely, do us more harm than good. The trillions of microbes that inhabit the planet have the ability to develop and adapt to the terrain in which they live and work, hence they have not only survived, but thrived for billions of year.

With modern medical treatments however, the over use of certain remedies such as antibiotics, has resulted in a large number of these microorganisms developing a resistance to these modern drugs, which were once considered life saving. In addition to antibiotics, we have other equally harmful methods of treating so called illnesses, which for most, are often little more than a small inconvenience. The symptoms of the so called common cold, for example, are just the body's way of detoxifying through natural ways - coughing up mucus helps clear the lungs and other breathing channels. Runny noses are a good sign that the nasal passages are being flushed and unblocked and a fever confirms that the body's immune system is working just as Nature designed and intended it to. If we use immune suppressing remedies to interfere with these healthy ways of detoxification, then the natural processes are halted in their tracks and toxins, which were on their way out of the body, become trapped and stuck somewhere within our bodies. Initially we will feel better of course, but this is a temporary fix which will result in further discomfort in the near future as the body will soon be working to detoxify again, once the interfering drugs have worn off. The pharmaceutical industry is largely built on over-the-counter remedies which are marketed as tools to improve our health, but if we continue to treat only the symptoms of disease rather than get to the real cause, then we will only continue to paper over the cracks, without acknowledging the 'elephant in the room', namely the ever increasing number of chronic diseases which are largely caused by modern diet and lifestyle choices. 

Work with Nature - not against it

Ultimately we need to work hand-in-hand with Nature to become and remain healthy. This means choosing nourishing foods that are found in, or close to, their natural state. By choosing to eat a clean, natural, minimally processed diet based on fats and proteins from animal sources, we will soon be on the pathway towards good health.

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